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Fat Cat
Barney is not for eating, even though we believe our fat cat would be quite delicious, though maybe with too much fat. We have him around for love and comfort and because he is a very amusing creature. We adopted him from the Windham County Humane Society with his beautiful girlfriend, Aggie the first month we were in our new home. We adopted her with Barney because she was a sweet little kitten and Barney could use a playmate.

Aggie was a feral older kitten, found in a barn at a local farm. At first when she came to her new home, she was wild, but over the last four years, with patience and love, she has become the finest feline that we have ever had in our family.

Barney and Aggie were inseparable as kittens, and they are still always together after five years. Barney is a fat spoiled cat, spoiled by Aggie, who grooms him regularly and cries when he gets lost. Both cats are indoor cats, but they both try to sneak out.

Barney always gets lost, lost in the barn or lost in the yard. He cannot find his way back to the door and will not answer to our calls but will cry at night from under the ancient barn foundation or the cliff behind the house.

Aggie will not calm down until we rescue him, risking our limbs on the steep cliffside. Barney is oblivious to this caring of both his girlfriend and his owners, but will plop down on his back, big belly up and arms and legs akimbo, as soon as he is inside, to make sure we give him the belly scratches he demands. And Aggie will prowl around him checking him out, then cuddle next to him. We love our funny sweet cats.