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Ask us About...

Feeder pigs in the fall and fresh pork in the spring
We are offering our valuable patrons an opportunity to participate in our new endeavor. We are planning to raise feeder pigs through the winter and then professionally butcher in the spring. We will be offering whole pigs, half pigs, and pork professionally processed and packaged by FDA regulated butchers. We will post by December the cost of us raising your whole pig or half pig. We will post in the spring our price list of our fresh pork products that you will be able to buy in our farm store.

Participating in Our Community Compost System
We are starting a community composting system in early fall. You will be able to drop of your clean, non-meat, food scraps at our farm. We will add them to our compost system and allow our chickens to benefit from the scraps of clean food. We will be processing the compost on a regular basis and will sell the finished compost to promote healthy soil management.

Ordering Your Fruit Trees for Spring Delivery
We are growing a small, mostly heritage fruit orchard. We have cherry trees, plum trees, peach trees, and heritage apple trees. We have research the appropriate fruit trees for our area and can help you with your fruit trees. We will be ordering our spring fruit trees in the fall. Please contact us if you are interested in placing an order for your fruit trees.

Ordering Perennials for Spring Delivery
We will be growing on our successful first year nursery business. We will be placing orders for our spring perennials in the fall. If you have a perennial you would prefer, or you need to fill and order for a large landscaping design, we can help. Please contact us if you are interested in placing an order for perennials.