Poultry - Gallagher Close Farm
The American Poultry Association identifies 450 distinct breeds of chicken in the world, and there are many more still to be recognized. Consumers are most familiar with standard and GMO breeds, such as Leghorns and Cornish, which provide most of the eggs and meat sold in large supermarkets. However, diverse heritage chicken breeds have lineage going back thousands of years.

The diversification of chicken breeds acts as a stage for the importance of polyculture farming in our modern farming community. Gallagher Close Farm is focused primarily on free-range heritage breeds, especially those on the NC’s endangered list.

Along with wholesome feed, we offer our chickens a diverse menu of grains, greens and dairy as well as a free range area for them to forage for bugs this provides a higher quality of eggs and poultry for our patrons.

We are committed to building a poultry business that not only produces high quality products but acts as a platform for innovative ideas in poultry management built on traditional farming techniques.